Sunday, September 19, 2010


The Web 2.0 tool I checked out this week is Yugma. According to their site ""Yugma" is a Sanskrit word meaning "confluence, meeting or state of togetherness." which is an appropriate name since it is an instant web conferencing SAS tool. Some of the popular uses for Yugma have been webinars, sales presentations, group conferencing and many other events where people need to be connected but are not or can not be in the same place at the same time. The free version lets you share your desktop with up to 20 others during your event. You also have teleconferencing, chat and Skype integration. You can purchase an upgraded account based on how many attendees you would like to have at your events. (See picture below)

When you do upgrade to a Pro plan you will have access to Whiteboard tools, meeting recording and playback, mouse/keyboard sharing, meeting scheduling, Webinar registration and data tracking and a few others features. (See below)

I have not signed up to try Yugma yet (I do not want to waste my 15 day trial of the upgrade) BUT if it is as easy to use as their sales pitch says, then it would be a great resource for teachers, administrators and professionals. When gathering ideas for my AR project I had considered how to combat calamity days (missed days of school due to inclement weather or other serious circumstances). This would be a great tool to use on the days where people are not physically able to get to the same place for a class or meeting. Another plus if one were to upgrade from the free account is the ability to record meetings or Webinars for later access--great for students that miss school! The program seems to be similar to Wimba, but maybe a little more advanced and interactive for the host and attendees. I will be looking forward for a chance to use Yugma in the future!

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  1. Thanks for the great resource. For my AR project I am looking at collaboration tools as well. This one looks very interesting. Check out Elluminate. It is very similar to Wimba, and I have that other school sites are using it. My district got or paid for a one year subscription. I am trying to understand it. If it works they may extend the subscription. I will definately look into Yugma as a backup or even for the tool I use.